Don't just make memories.
Keep them!

whether it’s that very special, first glimpse of the love of your life on your wedding day. the exciting time of waiting for your baby. the newborn magic that’s so unique and beautiful and yet so quickly gone by. the first smile of your little one or this enchanting moment, when siblings meet each other for the very first time. i love moments like that and it’s my passion to capture them in an authentic and unfussy way. to keep them in your memories forever.

Hej, I'm Claudi!

I'm a photographer by passion with meticulous attention to the moments in between. My family and I live in the middle of the mountains of southern Germany and we love pretty much everything that takes us outside!

I'm so glad you are here!

if you are looking for honest images that visualize your memories of an intimate wedding, special moments in your life or an authentic story telling for your brand let's get in touch!